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Saint Panteleimonas, Beach
The village of Neos Panteleimon offers nice views to the castle and the coast. The beach is sandy, and where the wave is pebbly. The water is relatively deep and clean. Beach New Panteleimon has relative coolness in summer. The combination of mountain, sea green and the castle is unique. On the one hand there is the Olympus with its high, steep peaks, green on the other the Aegean with open and clear
Katerini is one of the most dynamic urban areas of Macedonia and all Greece. Because of the very high tourist traffic that the city is felt in the foreground. It has one of the nicest parks in Greece, which is very impressive fountains and especially in the summer is an oasis of relaxation, especially on hot hours of the day.In 2008 rebuilt and City Rail Station. In recent years the Katerini knows
Litochoro is hilly town located in the southern part of the county, on the eastern edges of Olympus. Litochoro is a popular town for those who want to start climbing Mount Olympus, and from there all efforts begin to reach the top of the mythical mountain. East of the town of Litohoro is the Plaka district, known as Plaka in Pieria Litohoro. In Plaka Litochorou are also luxury homes, land with olive
Makrigialos is a large settlement on the northern coast of the prefecture of Pieria. The establishment of the village is placed in 1908. The name of the village is due to the great beach, the foreshore.
Methoni is a seaside village on the northern shores of Pieria. Methoni has beautiful sandy beach and clear sea. The people involved in tourism businesses, fishing, olive cultivation, cotton etc.
Neoi Poroi
The Nei Pori is a summer destination in Pieria. The beaches in Nei Pori in Pieria accommodate visitors, mainly from the Balkans, because the prices of hotels on the beach Nei Pori is low and also the offers will find tourist offices in new resources with benefits such as half board, full board, activities and excursions to nearby attractions in Nei Pori. The restaurants have very low prices and the
Old Elatohori
The ideal destination for all the seasons. The breathtaking views of the legendary Mount Olympus and the wild beauty of the mountainous nature with dense forests, can win every visitor. Walking through the narrow streets of the village, can easily distinguish the taste and the taste of people professionally active in Elatochori.A new ski resort in the heart of Pieria Mountains and a traditional settlement
Platamonas is municipal district and village of East Olympos. Located at the foot of Mount Olympus. According to tradition owes its name either from the plane trees in the area, or in the wide sandy beaches that are the beaches. Historically the inhabitants of Platamonas are mainly locals and originate from the Old Panteleimon. The people involved in tourism, as the area is renowned for its award-winning
The Skotina as area combines very nicely Olympus with the coasts of Thermaikos and the Aegean. The village and post Byzantine churches of Christ, the Virgin and others. The beach attracts many visitors and tourists during the summer months. In Upper Old Skotina, many abandoned houses have been restored by Greeks and foreigners in recent decades and has maintained the traditional architecture. Also
Katerini Beach
Paralia Katerini Beach is a summer destination in Pieria. The beaches of Paralia Katerini accommodate visitors mainly from the Balkans because the prices of hotels in Katerini beach are low and offer favors such as half board, full board, activities and excursions to nearby attractions in Katerini Beach. The restaurants have cheap prices on the menu is complete. Hotels and apartments in Katerini expect
Korinos is coastal town of Katerini extended Municipality of Pieria. Summers the Korinos receives several tourists, especially in camping and beach hotels. Also many tourists from the beach, Kallithea and Katerinoskala go to Korinos to admire the beautiful beach, which has a blue flag.
Leptokaria Katerini
Leptokarya located on the eastern foothills of Mount Olympus and a tourist center. Graphic is the old Leptokarya, in which Friday after Easter is a traditional festival. The beaches attract visitors from Greece and abroad.
Olympoaki Akti Katerini
The coastline of Katerini, Olympic Coast and Pieria are unique as they offer endless coastline rich in natural beauty, tourism infrastructure and cosmopolitan environment. The unique landscapes and the combination of mountain and sea, impresses every visitor. Modern hotels waiting to make your stay more comfortable and many taverns and restaurants with good food

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    Pontian Folklore Museum Katerini

    The Pontian Association of Pieria was founded in 1928 and in the years that there has been aimed at preserving the tradition of Pontus. The museum was created in 1990. The collection is exposed permanently in the area of the club in the center of Katerini, behind the municipal park. It features over 600 objects and costumes that help the visitor to understand the manners and customs of the Pontian Katerini