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    Castle of Platamon
    The castle of Platamonas is built the Frankish at the ancient Irakleiou.To castle has towers at irregular distances between them and there is a temple of the Holy Friday, the only church that survives from the five that were in the castle, who during the Turkish occupation was turned into a mosque.
    Municipal Park Katerini
    The Municipal Park of Katerini located in the city center and is one of the most beautiful spots. In the park too often made festival, art exhibitions and film screenings. You can make your walk in the green, and between fountains
    Beaches Pieria
    Beach Nei PoriThe Nei Pori is a popular and beautiful village is also the southernmost coast of Pieria. Located next to a large ecological significance to the wildlife refuge Variko-Kalyvia and the delta of the river Peneus.Skotina BeachBeautiful beach with golden sand and many old trees. It is the beach of the traditional village of Skotina, where during the summer festivals take place, with musical
    Pontian Folklore Museum Katerini
    The Pontian Association of Pieria was founded in 1928 and in the years that there has been aimed at preserving the tradition of Pontus. The museum was created in 1990. The collection is exposed permanently in the area of the club in the center of Katerini, behind the municipal park. It features over 600 objects and costumes that help the visitor to understand the manners and customs of the Pontian
    Dion Pieria
    Dion is one of the oldest cities in the region and among the most famous. It was built at the foot of Mount Olympus in honor of Zeus. It was so great the power acquired because of its strategic importance, the tragic poet Euripides staged his works "Bacchae" and "Archelaus" and organized Olympic Games.Dion today is a small town that has grown considerably due to the archaeological site. A museum where
    Elatohori Pieria
    The ideal destination for all the seasons. The breathtaking views of the legendary Mount Olympus and the wild beauty of the mountainous nature with dense forests, can win every visitor. Walking through the narrow streets of the village, can easily distinguish the taste and the taste of people professionally active in Elatochori. A new ski resort in the heart of Pieria Mountains and a traditional settlement

    The village of Neos Panteleimon offers nice views to the castle and the coast. The beach is sandy, and where the wave is pebbly. The water is relatively deep and clean. Beach New Panteleimon has relative coolness in summer. The combination of mountain, sea green and the castle is unique. On the one hand there is the Olympus with its high, steep peaks, green on the other the Aegean with open and clear sea trees that reach down to the sea, there are mainly poplar and maple trees, while looking right one sees preserved Venetian castle Platamonas. In the village square you can eat good meat enjoying the breeze and the view. The area has many campsites.

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